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Looking to implement a modern integration system but don’t know where to begin? Here are 5 tips to get started including advice on how to choose your first integration project.

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No matter what integration solutions you’re using or exploring, there are some key terms that are important to understand.

How systems integration helps higher education

How can systems integration help institutions increase efficiency, gain greater insights, and increase the value of their solutions?

Analytics: Making sense of the jargon

Everything you need to know to implement an analytics program. 

A campus data management process primer

In five years, Life University moved from an institution with no trust in its data to one that is data dependent.

How do you gauge the strength of your information security plan?

Learn how to revise your plan to keep pace with threats and legal requirements. 

5 building blocks to an analytics culture

Discover how an analytics culture can help your institution aggregate data, examine pain points, and develop interventions and solutions. 

What does it take to build an analytics-driven institution?

A Q&A with Becker College about their shift toward data-driven decision making. 

The cloud can transform your ability to use data—but you need some ground rules

What questions to ask and how to develop a sound governance plan before moving your institution to the cloud.