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Enrollment and Retention, Financial Management and HR, Modernizing the Campus
$9 million in new grants in under three years

Mt. Hood Community College partnered with Ellucian Grants Services to build an effective grants infrastructure.

Enrollment and Retention, Workforce Development
A modernized registration system for lifelong learners

Looking to streamline the registration process for continuing education and workforce development programs? Here’s how Northwestern Michigan College accomplished it.

Enrollment and Retention, Modernizing the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Student Experience
Online reporting and registration save staff and students time

Tulsa Technology Center streamlines reporting and registration for its continuing-education and workforce-development programs.

Advancement, Enrollment and Retention
Enhancing the student lifecycle

Build and nurture relationships with students on campus, and in the future, by integrating data from recruitment, advising, and advancement.

Advancement, Enrollment and Retention, Student Experience
Do personalized communications make a big difference?

A survey of students, alumni, and administrators shows how personalized communications can lead to increased enrollment and future donations. 

Analytics and Data Integration, Enrollment and Retention
Empowering student success through higher education analytics

Data and analytics are essential to increasing graduation and retention rates. 

Enrollment and Retention, Student Experience
Guided pathways helps bolster student success

How guided pathways is helping one student succeed.

Analytics and Data Integration, Enrollment and Retention, Student Experience
Helping students before they even know they need help

At Chippewa Valley Technical College, proactive outreach keeps students on track.

Enrollment and Retention, Student Experience
The student success imperative

Help your students stay on track and graduate on time.

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