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Higher education is facing tremendous challenges heading into fall 2020, but many leaders see opportunity as well.

Transforming into a virtual campus: Is it time to reassess your institution's priorities?

Mehmet Batmaz, head of IT infrastructure at the University of Greenwich, discusses the guiding principles and benefits of his institution’s digital strategy.

Recruiting in uncertain times: Engaging the Class of 2024

The coronavirus pandemic has upended higher education recruitment, but there are effective strategies to help institutions thrive in uncertain times.

Digital Transformation: Where do you start?

Digital transformation is our new blockchain. However, digital transformation can feel somewhat less tangible than other technology ‘hot topics’ but we must start somewhere.

Improving the enrollment process through machine learning

How institutions can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance admissions processes.

Student success center increases freshman retention rate 5.2 percent

Information, data, and early alerts lead to better retention rates at Delta State University.

3 promising strategies for improving student success

While challenges exist, these strategies show promise in increasing retention rates.

Technology has increased the transparency around student success

How technology helps students see where they are, where they’re going—and what to do to graduate on time. 

How technology is driving student success at SUNY Oswego

Personalized guidance and student communications improve graduation rates.