Move to the cloud with a grounded strategy

A perspective from Ovum

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In its recently published white paper, Hitting the Sweet Spot for Cloud Deployment in Higher Education, Ovum explores how institutions can progressively exploit the agility of cloud solutions while managing risk.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, we’ve done your homework for you. The top five things you need to know about the cloud:

  1. Being able to change what you deliver quickly, is now as important—if not more—than pure cost
  2. You may need to operate under a hybrid or blended model for many years
  3. Complexity remains a major driver of both system costs and migration risk
  4. Cloud is not fundamentally about technology—it is about new delivery paradigms that enable innovation
  5. Integration capabilities will be key differentiators for different solutions into the future

Ellucian has taken hundreds of institutions to the cloud. Read this report and contact us to learn more.