Ovum Report: SaaS/Cloud Growing at 23% per Year in Higher Ed

Read Ovum's report to find out how this is helping create technology that students actually want to use.

Steps to Transforming the Educational Ecosystem

Setting out on a program for change to improve the student experience – guiding the program drivers that create the right business case for modernization.

We know that some institutions are still charting their course to the cloud and may be unsure about the way forward. That’s why Ellucian partnered with Ovum – we want to help clarify the benefits and demystify the process of moving from a legacy, on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Students want the technology platforms and tools they use to be as intuitive as possible and easy to access from their mobile devices.

In this report, you’ll find the following to aid in your decision on how, why and when your institution should be evaluating and moving to the cloud:

Ovum's View

  • Institutions are already seeing success with this approach – Waukesha County Technical College in Wisconsin and Loyola University Maryland serve as examples of the value of moving to cloud-based systems and infrastructure.
  • Higher ed needs to transform; cloud services are key to supporting this improvement.
  • Embarking on a program of change requires a strategic evaluation of current systems and technologies and how they align with constituent needs and institutional goals.
  • Institutions must look to modernize: ensure your IT systems are delivering maximum value to support institutional operations.
  • Optimizing the existing technology ecosystem to improve the overall user experience is another important element of the cloud journey.
  • The end goal is innovation: the ability to use technology to support student success and institutional transformation through new projects and initiatives.

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