The psychology of student attention

It’s time to rethink how you communicate with prospects

Download this white paper by Ellucian senior management consultant William Kartsimas for insights on (1) how prospective students are consuming information and making choices online and (2) how you can capture and hold their attention.

A few strategies you’ll find in the paper:

  • Go where they go. Students live online. Especially on social media. Peer recommendations matter as much as the information on your Web site because they’re authentic. The sheer volume of information means you have to provide more value to get noticed. Make sure you meet prospects where they are and have something meaningful to offer.
  • Speak their language. Mass communications used to be the norm. Now, students are used to personalized emails with relevant information. They are ignoring faceless brands and paying attention to individuals with stories to tell. Make sure your communications come from real people talking to, rather than at, your prospects.
  • Stop asking, start giving. It’s true that the goal of every communication should be getting your audience to take action. But that action shouldn’t always be driven by your needs—for information, application completion, payments. Focus more on the needs of your prospects. Offer something of value, no strings attached. Connect in an authentic way. Build good will. The two-way relationship will pay off.

With dramatic changes to media consumption, students are more in charge than ever. The sooner you embrace that, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.

Download the white paper and start engaging top prospects with your institution, faculty, staff, current students, and alumni.