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Benefit Warriors

Key takeaways

  • Stacey’s role at Ellucian is to help organize and design unique benefit offerings to Ellucian employees.
  • Health care in the United States is a challenge. At Ellucian, we began partnering with Quantum to help employees and their families navigate complex health-care journeys.
  • Quantum uses dedicated care coordinators who serve our employees for their best possible experience.

I am what I call a “benefits nerd.” I enjoy learning about new offerings, deciding if they fit at the organization, and designing them for Ellucian if they do. My role allows me the unique opportunity to help employees and their families through some very personal, impactful situations.

I stumbled onto this opportunity in 2013, when a global benefits role opened that interested me. A strong benefits and well-being package makes a huge difference in attracting talent to Ellucian—and, more importantly, in keeping our current employees and their families well taken care of. Everything isn’t always perfect, but I take great pride in what we offer and how we are always looking at the next level of care.

Because let’s face it: nobody wants to enter the health-care system. Patients facing serious medical problems, in particular, are forced into a complex, invasive system that adds to their fear, stress, and loss of time and productivity. Health care in the United States is a challenge, and it doesn’t seem to be on the road to improvement any time soon. So what can we do now?

That’s what we asked ourselves at Ellucian. We have partnered with other companies in the Leonard Green Partners portfolio, one of Ellucian’s private equity owners, to create the Health Transformation Collaborative (HTC). This group has been working together for nearly three years to change the way health care is delivered to employees. We all recognized that the typical way of managing benefits cost (adjusting co-pays, deductibles, and premiums) was not sustainable, nor was it raising the bar on your level of care.

This year, Ellucian began partnering with Quantum to help employees and their families navigate the complex health-care journey. As a member of the Health Transformation Collaborative (HTC), Ellucian was introduced to Quantum Health and their concept of “care coordinator pods.” Care coordinators can be claims specialists, patient service representatives, personal care guide nurses, clinical specialists, team leads, and managers. Ellucian now has its own pod of care coordinators dedicated to serving you and your family.

I recently spent a day in Columbus, Ohio at the headquarters of Quantum Health. I had the opportunity to talk to a nurse who had just finished a long call with a member who had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The nurse had already written an email to the member, complete with information about the disease, relevant employee benefits, and other local resources. She also established a connection with the member’s doctor and scheduled check-ins to make sure everyone was on the same page about her care.

Talking with the nurse after that call, she obviously took great pride in her ability to use their technology to bring some peace of mind and a sense of control to a member who had just been given some very difficult news. I knew we made a great choice in bringing this service to Ellucian.

During my visit, I learned about Quantum’s five pillars, or guiding principles, that have both internal and external meaning: Sanctuary, Expertise, Stick With Them, Warrior, and Friendship. I learned about their hiring and training strategies, and I listened to how they reward and thank their staff and each other. I saw their “sanctuary” spaces, where they can take a break after a tough call. I learned about the rigorous training program their employees go through, making sure that by the time a new care coordinator hits the phones, they’re fully equipped to provide great and compassionate service. I saw them in action, collaborating and asking team members for help. Their goal is to build friendships, between each other and with you and your family.

Without the HTC, we probably wouldn’t have had the access to and funding for Quantum. It’s truly an investment and commitment that our Human Resource Team makes to Ellucian employees that puts their health care and the well-being of their families in our hands. As a result, our benefits team feels like “benefits warriors” too. At Ellucian, we take that mission very seriously and want our employees to have the best care and experience.

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Stacey Magness
Stacey Magness
Director of Benefits & HR Operations

Stacey Magness is the Director of Benefits & HR Operations at Ellucian. She really enjoys the challenge of providing compelling, valued benefits and well-being programs to employees spanning 12 countries and four generations.