Take your kids to work day 2019

Celebrating Take Your Kids to Ellucian Day

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  • Ellucian recognizes its employees as whole people and Take Your Kids to Ellucian Day is a great opportunity to show our kids the importance of what we do.

Each year, Reston headquarters and other offices across the company sponsor an incredible day of activities for our children to come into the office, participate in structured activities, and get a glimpse into what their parents do all day—while causing a bit of welcomed mayhem.

This year my twins were finally old enough to participate in Take Your Kids to Ellucian Day, and we were all super excited! They’re about to turn six and they want nothing more than to know what Mom and Dad do all day while they’re at school. They picked out their best work clothes for the day (and even suggested that I dress up a little more for the occasion).

For my kids, the day couldn’t have been better. They got their own badges and felt very official. They got to disrupt everyone in Marketing and play hide-and-seek in the office with their buddy Omar.

One of the day’s many highlights was getting to play in the Innovation Lab. The kids got to drive Sphero robots through different tracks, ride a virtual reality roller coaster, and play a virtual reality game using light sabers to break blocks (a big hit for my Star Wars lovers). We also took a neural art selfie that turned each picture into a work of art inspired by one of the great masters.

Ali and Kids

After that, the User Experience team led the kids through a fun treehouse design craft. My daughter created the princess treehouse of her dreams, and my son made a police station treehouse, complete with a dog parachuting out to help people. We had a great time on the scavenger hunt that took us all over the office. We got a chance to give back by building care packages for INOVA Children’s Hospital. Then it was time for giant Connect Four, a pizza lunch, and movies and popcorn in the afternoon. Now my kids want to come to work with me every day!

Take your kids to work day 2019

The volunteers who made this day possible are amazing. The day was so thoughtfully planned—from big things like the fun agenda, guest speakers, and goodie bags all the way down to details like cups with lids and badges for the kids. It really is incredible that the company and employees make such an investment in ensuring that our kids have a fantastic time.

Take your kids to work day 2019

While I wasn’t as productive as usual that day, it was great to know that I work for a company that recognizes its employees as whole people. Offering a carefully planned day for us to bring our children into the office really confirms that we’re seen as more than just our jobs, and it gave my kids a chance to see where I go every day after dropping them at school. It was also great to meet all the little people my colleagues talk about, and for us to see each other in our roles as parents.

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