I'm not obligated—I'm willing.

I’m not obligated—I’m willing.

Key takeaways

  • Stephanie joined Love Haiti on a mission trip to build benches for students.
  • She learned about how students and their families sacrifice for their educations.

On Wednesday, September 4, my husband and I left for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We joined with Love Haiti Partnership, a Florida-based nonprofit that provides humanitarian aid and educational opportunities for children in Haiti with the goal that each child will become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

The Sharpes and sponsor child Watson

Our focus on this trip was a village in Marmont, Haiti—about a three-hour drive through the mountains from Port-au-Prince. Last year, a new school opened, which 120 children were able to attend for free with the help of sponsorships through Love Haiti. This year, the school will welcome 30 new students, so we worked on building additional benches for them as well as new partitions between the classrooms. We also discussed farming improvements, and were able to build some new relationships with the children and their parents. My husband and I were able to meet our sponsor child, and we had a blast playing soccer with him and his friends.

Stephanie measuring

Many of the children are the first in their families to attend school, or the first to learn to read. One mother walks her son two hours to school every day.

I plan to go again next year with my husband and oldest daughter so we can keep building relationships in the community and see the ongoing progress. To quote one of the leaders in the community: “I’m not obligated—I’m willing.” He and others are willing to do whatever it takes to better the community. We left knowing that they will continue working relentlessly for the next generation.

Stephanie and Roseann

I appreciate the opportunity Ellucian gives me to continue my passion for education outside of Ellucian with the use of charitable leave. My challenge to you: What are you doing to cultivate the next generation? #poweroftogether

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