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Making a comeback to the industry

Key takeaways

  • Growth opportunities within Ellucian helped Muktamala to push herself to the next level.
  • She consistently volunteered for additional responsibilities to make Ellucian a great place to work.
  • As a People Leader at Ellucian, Muktamala believes in creating new leaders.

When I reflect on my career at Ellucian, the past 10-and-a-half years have been very rewarding. I have had lots of learning and opportunities along the way. I joined Ellucian after working at different software companies in Bangalore and had a break in my career, as my spouse had relocation plans outside of India.

I still remember the Ellucian HR employee who interviewed me. He was going through my CV and asked me if I would stick to my job and not switch like I did at my previous jobs. I had quit jobs to be with my family. I assured the HR manager, “Yes, this time I am not going anywhere.” True enough, I kept my word. The growth opportunities within Ellucian, the ability to work across different product lines, and the flexibility that Ellucian provides its employees to balance both home and office life were all factors that enabled me to continue my tenure here for more than a decade.

I started at a junior role at Ellucian in 2008, worked in various roles, and then moved to the People Leader role a few years back. One thing I learned in my career is that we need to push ourselves and ask for more and do more. Only then can we progress to the next level of our careers. We need to raise our hands and seek opportunities when they come our way.

NAFSA Exhibitor

In the People Leader role, I got opportunities to represent the R&D product teams from Ellucian Bangalore for the first time at the NAFSA 2016 and 2017 conferences in the USA and again at Ellucian Live 2018. The exposure to these conferences was phenomenal and meeting Ellucian customers and partners was truly enriching and extremely rewarding for me professionally. I also appreciate the opportunities we get at Lean in Circles to grow and help others grow professionally and personally, while meeting leaders within Ellucian and other companies helps us understand the next steps we need to take to blaze our own paths. The number one thing that Lean In meetings with various leaders have taught me is to step out of my comfort zone—and start being comfortable doing the uncomfortable, which breaks the monotony and the status quo. We target individuals and team goals within Lean In Circles each year, and at the end of the year we also have a retrospective on what we achieved as a team and as individuals in terms of growth, exposure, and opportunities. Each of us in the Lean In groups have come a long way as we explore the horizon of opportunities. Within these Lean In Circles, there have been a few members who have reached out to me for career advice and guidance as well.

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Being a People Leader at Ellucian, I believe in helping budding leaders within the company and being able to create a positive impact for people around me.

At Ellucian, I have had great mentors over time who have always encouraged and guided me to make the right career moves. I am truly fortunate and grateful to have had an opportunity to work with them. We had great women executive leaders who have been an inspiration for us. They inspire me to have a concrete and focused vision for myself within Ellucian.

I see Ellucian as a place of great opportunities for deserving talent that promotes diversity and inclusion. The team that I am working with is so diverse nationally and internationally—and that’s a true example of working in a diversified culture. This results in a more dynamic team with different perspectives resulting in innovation.

I have to say one thing for folks who have taken a career break: you can always make a comeback if you have the sheer dedication and commitment to get your career back on track. Believe me, it takes a lot of hard work to prove your worth, but once you have, there are no barriers. Ellucian is a company that is supportive.


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Muktamala Choudhury
Muktamala Choudhury
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As a job aspirant from the far northeastern part of India, Muktamala found opportunities to build her career in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.