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My Hinge Health success story

Key takeaways

  • Hinge Health is an online, app-based resource offering immediate online support to help users conquer back and joint pain.
  • Audree set goals using the Ellucian benefit, and a few weeks later she was able to straighten her injured knee again with little pain.
  • Today, she is back in the gym and working in her garden.

At first, it was easy to ignore my knee pain—but then I went to a work conference and walked 30,000 steps a day. Then the knee pain became unbearable.

The pain started changing how I lived. I cancelled my gym membership and stopped walking our family dogs. I researched solutions online, but I couldn’t find a resource that was easy or doable. I contacted a physical therapist, but found I could not make the time or commitment to attend PT regularly.

Then I got an email from Ellucian describing Hinge Health. Here was an online, app-based resource that I could use from home for 8-15 minutes a day.

I signed up with no high expectations. But when the box arrived, I found myself curious. Inside were wearable sensors and an Amazon tablet with the Hinge Health app already loaded. Online support was immediate, and I could not wait to get started.

Audree Hinge Health

During the daily sessions, I had access to a health coach, educational articles, and lessons we tracked with the Hinge app. We set goals together and monitored my physical activity and diet. I learned how to manage my pain effectively. I learned I could complete each exercise.

After a few weeks I noticed I could actually straighten my knee with little pain. At my next session we set a longer goal: getting back into fitness classes by early fall. Honestly, I was fearful I would never get back into an organized gym setting. Prior to my knee injury, I was in organized gym classes three times a week. Getting back to the gym was a high priority for me.

By the end of summer, I was walking 10,000 steps a day and working regularly in my garden with little to no pain. I had stopped wearing the knee brace and was no longer fearful of steep hills or steps.

In the fall of 2018, I decided to sign up for a boot camp. I met with the trainer before class and we talked through my concerns. She said we could work together to modify exercises and work on strengthening my legs while I continued Hinge Health. All the while, my Hinge Health coach continued to encourage me to keep going—keep stretching, keep reading, keep moving.

Audree at Burn Bootcamp

I can now say that I have the strength and confidence to do lunges and squats (with proper form), and I leave boot camp with great joy as I am back in the game. I continue to use the Hinge stretching exercises to this day.

Do you need a solution beyond PT sessions or surgery? Hinge Health is that. Weekly, easy-to-read articles, a health coach, and goal-setting are the keys to Hinge success. This is an Ellucian benefit that people should take advantage of, and it’s open to all employees. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me through social.

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