The Pursuit of Learning

The Pursuit of Learning

Key takeaways

  • Ellucian has a learning culture that encourages interns and employees alike to grow their careers.
  • Victoria appreciated how willing our employees are to share their knowledge through teaching and mentoring.

As I entered the summer, I was nervous. I was plagued by questions about the professional world, which was unknown and new to me. How would my skills from academia translate to this environment? Would the personality and work ethic that carried me through undergrad be enough to compete in this setting? Would I be helpful, or would I be a burden to the staff around me?

Victoria and fellow interns with Holly

These questions weighed on me as I walked through the doors on my first day at Ellucian. I was early—too early—and already feeling tense from my hour-long commute. To make matters worse, I was definitely on the wrong side of the building.

Standing there, swimming in my own concerns, fearful that I would frustrate the employees I was supposed to be meeting by being early and lost, I heard someone call my name. This employee recognized me. She greeted me with a smile and led me to where I needed to be. She took a genuine interest in how I was feeling, taking care to calm my anxieties. Leading me to where I needed to be, she addressed me as an old friend, not as a clueless intern or burden.

This small scene describes my entire experience at Ellucian. Time and time again I have met people who are kind, full of life, and ready to help even in the midst of their hectic schedules. There are a million more examples of how the people of Ellucian have been genuine, kind, and willing to help.

But something else stands out, too: their pursuit of learning. This pursuit isn’t just about completing LinkedIn Learning courses, earning more degrees and certificates, or labeling yourself as a “lifelong learner,” even though Ellucian offers a diverse range of programs and platforms to accomplish all of these goals. It’s about giving back the knowledge they’ve been given through selflessly teaching and mentoring others. Whether it be occasional meet n’ greets, formal mentorship programs, or just grabbing lunch every week, Ellucian employees are ready to pass on their knowledge, experience, and skills to those around them, including me.

Victoria presenting

My manager is one of the best examples of this deep willingness to help and teach. Each day, she takes the time to walk me through projects I’m working on or have completed—not only providing encouragement and explaining what I’ve done well and what I could improve, but also giving me background about the project. By focusing on the question of “Why does this matter?”, she reassures me that my work at Ellucian isn’t just busywork—it’s important and helpful to the whole team. She demonstrates what being a lifelong learner truly means: Being someone that not only places yourself in situations and programs that result in personal growth, but also going out of your way to teach, help, assist, and pass on your abilities to those beneath you so they, too, can reach their full potential.

Along with amazing employees, learning opportunities, and meaningful work, Ellucian has given me a platform to have fun and give back! Leave for charitable giving, intern events like going to a Nationals game, or simply grabbing coffee by the coffee bar with interesting people, Ellucian has done an amazing job of investing in my development and learning while also giving me a chance to enjoy summer.

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Victoria Freiberg
Victoria Freiberg
Global Sales Enablement Intern

Victoria Freiberg is a Global Sales Enablement Intern at Ellucian headquarters in Reston, Va. She is originally from Hamilton, VA and is a rising senior at Virginia Tech studying psychology and human development.