Naganandini and coworkers

Spreading My Wings and Flying

Key takeaways

  • Naganandini started her career at Ellucian, took a sabbatical to take care of her children, and has come back to continue to grow.
  • The Bangalore office culture is active. There is an events committee called Buzzinga that organizes functions for employees to help balance work without compromising personal interests.
  • Naganandini feels valued as an employee, which helps her to be more dedicated to her work.

The most productive hours of our lives are spent at work—far away from family—so while working, it’s important to find colleagues who become our extended family. Having a positive vibe about the work we do and the people we interact with allows you to feel more empowered, and that is an important element for striking a balance between our professional and personal commitments.

Naganandini presenting

My journey from a college graduate to a mother of two kids has been seamless. After coming back to Ellucian in 2017 from a sabbatical break, I started exactly from the same point where I had left. I was all set to forge a new career path. Ellucian has always considered personal growth and professional growth to be equally important. When I returned to Ellucian, I was offered many new opportunities and I saw others receive the same. We were all encouraged to excel and feel comfortable while at work.

I have received great inspiration from people who have been employed with Ellucian for decades. Their tenure is evidence of the trust they have in the products they build and the work culture they are a part of. The company’s environment is conducive to support your growth and reach your milestones with a great team of mentors who don’t hesitate to share their success stories and help you to be a part of it.

It has been an amazing experience to be a part of a handful of teams that creates an impact on Ellucian’s culture. We have Buzzinga, CSR, and Lean In, to name a few. The Buzzinga group organizes fun events and social activities that bring a lot of life to the office. Everyone enjoys an occasional break from their work, and Buzzinga provides that.

Naganandini speaking

I also had an opportunity to join—and lead—one of Ellucian’s Lean In groups last year. Lean In is a close circle of women who collaborate and work toward the empowerment of their peers and support them in overcoming their fears, both personally and professionally. We share and care for each other and that helps in fostering a good relationship. This brings more positive vibes back to our work. As a mentor, learner, and moderator, I learned varied professional and ethical lessons from my peers.

I am given endless opportunities at Ellucian to pursue all my ambitions. As the mother of two amazingly naughty boys, I have plenty of challenges at home, but that has never stopped me from achieving my work goals. Three months after rejoining Ellucian from my maternity break, I earned a promotion. I also pursued a Master of Technology degree in quality management from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, a work-integrated learning program. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of mentoring the interns for the last two years and have seen them succeed. I have also presented my research at the Strive conference. Strive, formerly called Women Connect, is a platform designed to showcase an individual’s technical talents with peers from other organizations.

I have been a part of dance groups, theater arts groups, and several such teams that perform at Ellucian’s family day event—an annual gathering that brings together employees and their families to share a fun evening. These different employee groups at Ellucian have helped me balance my technical abilities without having to compromise on my personal interests. I feel valued as an employee, which helps me to give my best.

Naganandini celebrating

I love to come to work every day—despite the traffic woes and early morning chores of cooking and packing—because I feel so much better to be here and I enjoy the work environment. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I miss my office—even while on vacation!

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Naganandini Ravichandran
Naganandini Ravichandran
Senior Software Test Engineer

Naganandini Ravichandran is a senior software test engineer with the ERP platform team.