Veterans Day: a veteran's perspective

Veterans Day: a veteran’s perspective

Key takeaways

  • When Pete thinks about Veterans Day, he thinks about family—all his brother and sister Marines and all those who have served in any of the branches.
  • He and his fellow veterans stood to serve their country—not for glory and not for discounts, but because they wanted to give back in some way.
  • Pete enjoys being a part of ‘Salute,’ Ellucian’s employee resource group for veterans, where he can connect with and plan ways to give back to other veterans.

Veterans Day has always been a special day to me, even before I served in the United States Marine Corps. There is a strong history of service to the country in my family. My older brother was a Marine before me and served in the first Gulf War. I have three uncles who were all soldiers in the U.S. Army, serving from Vietnam all the way to the first Gulf War. Both my grandfathers served in World War II—one Army, one Navy. I guess you could say that service to the U.S.A. runs in my blood. I take great pride in knowing my family has served for so long, through so many tough times.

Pete and wife

When I think about Veterans Day, I think about family—not just my direct family, but all the other veterans, all my brother and sister Marines, and all those who have served in any of the branches. I most often reflect on my time in the Marine Corps. It’s especially relevant at this time because Veterans Day always falls close to the Marine Corps birthday, November 10. I reflect on things that bind all veterans of all branches. We all for a time stood to serve our country—not for glory, not for discounts, but because we wanted to give back in some way. Some of us served in admin, some in supply, some in motor pool, some in combat units, some in hospitals, but all for one purpose. We all supported each other in some way; we were all bound together.

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I think about how other veterans and our supporters want to be there to help. With the start of Ellucian’s employee resource groups, I found ‘Salute,’ a group made up of veterans, families, and supporters. I enjoy being part of it—being able to connect with other veterans and plan ways we can give back to other veterans.

Salute shows what’s possible with the “power of together” here at Ellucian. All the thoughts I have about veterans are present in Ellucian Life as well: we all support each other and move toward a single common mission together. Getting the support and backing of Ellucian to give back means a lot.

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Pete Blair
Pete Blair
Senior Architect, Ellucian Ethos Platform team

Pete is a Senior Architect on the Ellucian Ethos Platform team. He works with Ellucian product teams, partner teams, and clients on their journey to Ellucian Ethos. He works out of the Reston, VA office and lives in Gainesville, VA.