Welcome to the NEW Ellucian Customer Center

Ellucian Customer Center

We are very excited to launch the NEW Ellucian Customer Center on February 25th, 2019! The Customer Center replaces the current Ellucian HUB, providing an improved navigation model and overall customer experience. Check out our onboarding resources, browser compatibility statement, and FAQ document for more information:

Ellucian Customer Center Onboarding Resources

Webinar - Introduction to the Ellucian Customer Center

Want a full walkthrough of the new Customer Center, with best practices and tips? Watch this onboarding webinar now!

Want a higher level overview of the new Ellucian Customer Center? Check out this tutorial!

Customer Center Intro

Customer Center Introduction

This video provides an overview of the Customer Center home page including the components displayed, news and announcements.

Customer Center Menu

Improved Navigation and Menus

This video displays the improved menus and navigation options for the new Customer Center.

Customer Center Cases

Improved Case Creation

This video highlights the new case creation page, the ideas area, and refining the article view.

Customer Center Profile

Building a Profile

This video highlights how to edit your profile, and new features of the profile section.

More Information

Need to sign up for a Customer Center account? Register now!

Have questions about the new Ellucian Customer Center? Check out our FAQ document.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at [email protected].