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Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite provides performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize organizational decision making.

Axiom Higher Education Suite

Product Descriptions

Kaufman Hall Axiom - Budget

Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting

Shorten the budget cycle and eliminate disparate Excel spreadsheets with a budgeting solution that includes built-in workflows and role-based security. Automate budgeting processes so you can spend more time on high-value strategic analysis and decision-making.

Kaufman Hall Axiom - Reporting

Axiom Reporting and Analytics

Align financial data from Axiom alongside Ellucian data to generate detailed reports that provide a 360-degree view of finance data. Streamlined financial reporting reduces manual data compilation, increases data transparency, and supports in-depth analysis.

Long ranged planning

Axiom Long-Range Planning

Develop five- to 10-year financial plans that are stress tested and aligned to your institution's strategic plan. Create on-the-fly scenarios to mix and match assumptions and initiatives to compare different courses of action.

Kaufman Hall Axiom - Tuition Planning

Axiom Tuition Planning

Align student data from Ellucian with financial data to develop more accurate projections of tuition revenue. Understand how different drivers impact financial outcomes and create scenarios that show the impact of enrollment assumptions, tuition rate changes, and the effects of adding new programs.

Kaufman Hall Axiom - Labor Planning

Axiom Labor Planning

Adopt a sophisticated approach to salary and benefits planning that leverages human resources data from Ellucian, driver assumptions about future rates, and budget input. Plan by position or employee for stable and highly compensated positions or by job code or job type for more variable positions, such as student workers.

Kaufman Hall - Capital Planning

Axiom Capital Planning and Tracking

Evaluate each capital request objectively and consistently, compare it to other requests, and understand its potential financial impact and how it aligns with your strategic goals. Monitor progress of and provide visibility into approved capital projects, including variance against the capital budget and the project business plan.

Kaufman Hall - Grants Planning

Axiom Grants Planning

Accurately plan, monitor, and report on grant-level funding and spending. Provide actionable reporting to researchers and administrators and improve visibility into the impact of research activity on university finances.

Kaufman Hall Axiom - Allocations

Axiom Allocations

Develop allocations of revenue and expenses to support the annual budget process. Manage complex allocation rules and the metrics associated with the rules (e.g., FTE, square footage, student credit hours, etc.).

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About Kaufman Hall

Kaufman Hall provides a unique combination of software, management consulting, and data solutions to help society’s foundational institutions to realize sustained success amid changing market conditions. Founded in 1985, Kaufman Hall began working with higher education institutions in 2014 and currently has nearly 50 clients. Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite provides sophisticated and intuitive software to support institutional financial planning and reporting. Axiom Software strategic financial planning solutions enable the development of multi-year and long-range financial plans that are fully integrated with operational budgets and forecasts. Axiom Software also provides improved budgeting and forecasting to ensure that best-practice planning methodologies are used across the institution and provide centralized assumptions that can be easily flexed to create alternative scenarios.