Mongoose is dedicated to being a bridge for higher education between schools and constituents. With a focus on conversational marketing software, Mongoose takes great pride in offering both the knowledge and the tools to help higher ed grow and retain a long-lasting collegiate community.


Mongoose - Cadence

Cadence is higher ed’s premier texting platform. With two-way texting capabilities, staff are able to connect throughout the student lifecycle and well beyond graduation.

Ellucian Integrations for Cadence
* = Ethos Connected Solution

  • Ellucian Banner*
  • Ellucian Colleague*
Mongoose - Harmony

Mongoose - Harmony

Harmony is an intelligent chatbot solution that gives your institution’s website a voice 24/7. Automation allows for increased efficiency while still allowing staff to be looped in when necessary.

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Mongoose is a conversational software company focusing 100% on higher education. We make Cadence, Harmony, and (most importantly) our clients happy.