Ellucian Pathways Scholarship Fund

Apply to win $5,000 in scholarship money for your students

Institutions are creating pathways and programs that help guide student success, so that they are more likely to finish on-time and with the degree or certification they have worked so hard to achieve. The Ellucian Pathways Scholarship is designed to help institutions with such guided pathways programs and their students achieve their success.

Please complete all steps to qualify:

  1. Confirm your institution has a guided pathways program. If you are not sure, check with Academic/Student Success or the Career Center.
  2. Obtain proof of the guided pathways program.
  3. Complete the institution entry form at the bottom (one per institution).
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Encourage students to apply.
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Important Information

3/8/2019 - Application Opens
4/26/2019 - Deadline to Apply
5/9/2019 - Winner's Notified

Official Rules:
Please consult the Official Rules prior to submitting the application.


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