Ellucian Pathways Scholarship Fund

Apply to win $5,000 in scholarship money

Today’s students juggle the demands of school and life in their pursuit to achieve more; do more; be more. But this road is often a struggle. The Ellucian Pathways Scholarship is designed to provide over 20 students an opportunity to achieve their goals by assisting with the cost of attending college.

Please complete all steps to qualify:

  1. Record your video and post to your Vimeo or YouTube channel.
  2. Complete the student entry form (one per student), including a link to your video.
  3. Click submit.
  4. Let your Financial Aid Office know that you applied.
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Important Information

3/8/2019 - Application Opens
4/26/2019 - Deadline to Apply
5/9/2019 - Winner's Notified

Official Rules:
Please consult the Official Rules prior to submitting the application.


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