Ellucian Analytics for HR professionals

As an HR professional, you need accurate, timely data to take a comprehensive approach to employee recruitment and retention. Discover how analytics can help you make informed decisions that help your employees and move your institution forward.

In this 30-minute webinar, we'll explore how Ellucian Analytics addresses specific HR needs.

  • Maximize potential: Identify and develop high performing employees.
  • Curb undesirable turnover: Why are top people leaving?
  • Predict and prepare: Analyze data, such as employee retirement plans, to discover actionable insights.

To conclude, we'll offer a short demonstration of Ellucian Analytics. You'll see how it helps you view and understand your data, letting you predict and proactively address issues that impact your institution.

Suzanne McCool, Ellucian Senior Principal Solutions Consultant
Michael Kennedy, Ellucian Solutions Consultant

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