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What do students discuss with their advisors?

Hear three students speak candidly about how many times they spoke with an advisor in the past year, what they talked about, and what help the wished they received.

Motivating recognition of a job well done

Bakersfield College was honored as an Impact Award finalist at Ellucian Live 2019 in New Orleans. Listen as they share what the award means to the institution, what it was like to be recognized at the conference, and how this recognition motivates their work.

Being intentional about student success makes an impact

Wake Technical Community College was honored as an Impact Award winner at Ellucian Live 2019 in New Orleans. Watch their grants project coordinator share what the award means to their team, what it was like to receive the award at the conference, and why being intentional is so important to their community.

Leveraging technology to increase classroom engagement

Wake Technical Community College participates in Project COMPASS, a grant awarded to institutions with innovative solutions to persisting problems in higher education. Their persisting problem was the achievement gap between students of color and their counterparts. To solve this problem, they leveraged Ellucian Colleague to increase classroom engagement and ultimately increase retention and success rates of online students.

The cost of changing majors

A student shares how changing his major impacted his course work, graduation date, and tuition cost.

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