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How do students feel about the registration process?

College students share their experiences with their school’s class registration process and procedures for identifying course prerequisites.

How do students learn what courses transfer?

Two students discuss how advisors at their two-year institutions supported their transfer process and how they determined which courses were eligible for credit.

What do students discuss with their advisors?

Hear three students speak candidly about how many times they spoke with an advisor in the past year, what they talked about, and what help the wished they received.

The cost of changing majors

A student shares how changing his major impacted his course work, graduation date, and tuition cost.

What do students think about degrees and credentials?

Hear a college student majoring in IT at George Mason University in Virginia explain why he chose to pursue a college degree, what he thinks about credentials, and his educational plans. Learn why lifelong learning is important to him and his career goals.

Re-engineering process for student success

To increase student success, Kent State University is undergoing a digital transformation journey. The institution is analyzing data to uncover ways in which it can better support and engage disenfranchised students to their outcomes.

Driving culture change on campus

To keep up with the rapid pace of change, the role of higher education CIOs needs to evolve. Hear John Rathje, Vice President and CIO, Kent State University, explain why today’s CIOs need to be partners, communicators, and change leaders to drive culture change across their campuses.

Bluefield State College - New solutions for today's students

A better user experience is at the heart of success. So Bluefield State College delivers the mobile apps student want to use—which helps them be happier and more successful.

The University of Hertfordshire Technology helps university thrive

The University of Hertfordshire implemented Ellucian Quercus to streamline its admissions and registration processes and save on staff resources.