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Meeting advancement needs now and for the future

When the University of Idaho was looking for a new CRM solution, they wanted something that could be configured to meet both current and future advancement needs. Watch Jason Mayer, director of advancement information services, explain why they chose Ellucian CRM Advance.

Creating a culture of philanthropy

The University of Denver boasts an impressive culture of philanthropy among students by engaging them with authentic, personalized communications that help students appreciate the importance of (and opportunities that come from) philanthropic work. When advancement efforts start with current students, it helps students understand the value of giving, especially among students who may be actively benefiting from the generosity of others.

Why do recent alumni give?

Regardless of institution size, advancement departments across the country are looking for ways to engage the next generation of givers. What drives recent graduates to donate? How can institutions use data to increase annual giving? Watch as a graduate of the University of Denver explains why she donates to pay it forward and how personalized communications can impact alumni giving.

Implementing the right technology to meet campaign goals

To meet ambitious campaign goals and to enable the kind of data integrations and constituent communications that help advancement teams thrive, the University of Denver implemented Ellucian CRM Advance. Now, teams are empowered with more information at their fingertips while working on the road, and leaders can make strategic adjustments to campaign activities based on real-time data.

9 million in new grants in under three years

With a strong grants program in place, institutions can secure funds that help serve the changing needs of students without breaking the budget. Learn how Mt. Hood Community College partnered with Ellucian Grants Services to establish a successful grants infrastructure and process that yielded stunning results in a short amount of time.

Ellucian at EDUCAUSE: High tech for higher ed

What’s on the horizon? Attendees at EDUCAUSE stopped by the Ellucian booth to hear about the cloud, new user interfaces, mobile apps, and more. Hear what they had to say about the exciting new technology and where the future of higher education is headed.

Improving advancement through technology

Find out how Oregon State University Foundation successfully uses Ellucian CRM Advance to streamline their gift processing, improve their donor analytics, and save staff time and resources with this cloud-based solution.

Powering institutional advancement through technology

Watch Cornelius M. Kerwin, president emeritus and professor of public management and public policy at American University, share more on the impact of technology on advancement.