Academic Operations Services

Identify innovative ways to enhance your institution’s
competitive position through learning design

Student demographics, expectations, and needs are changing. Further, today’s college students are growing concerned about their readiness to enter the workforce as a result of their educational experience. With so many educational options available to discerning students, innovative course and curriculum design and delivery are critical. A proven, planned approach to academic operations focused on competitive differentiation can make all the difference to engage students and support their success.

Delivering a modern learning experience with ellucian academic operations services

Ellucian Academic Operations Services can help you enhance your academic offerings to appeal to diverse learners. With our strategic, expert approach to assessment, development, and design, your institution can deliver the modern learning experiences students want and the targeted content they need to succeed.

Course design and development

Course design and development

Curricular, programmatic and design support in moving courses from an on-campus experience to an online experience.

  • Design a learning experience for remote delivery
  • Focus on student engagement and assessment of learning
  • Enable faculty to have a strong presence in their online classes
Academic technology support

Academic technology support

Comprehensive support of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and associated applications.

  • Provide administration support to focus staff on other priorities
  • Empower faculty and students on the application
  • View reporting and analytics to track progress
Lillian Schumacher, President, Tiffin University

An academic program that prepares students for the workplace

Tiffin University gives students and alumni the opportunity to earn credentials and certifications alongside their degree.

Engaging students through remote delivery

Connect five

Peer advice for improving engagement, discussion, and coursework in the online classroom.

Student Persistence and Retention: How Faculty Can Embrace a More Active Role

With many other student support systems diminished because of the pandemic, faculty members are best positioned to engage meaningfully with students.

Embracing online education in a challenging time

Here are some strategies to help create engaging online classes.

Addressing accessibility concerns

Accessibility at a Crossroads

To increase access to users of all abilities, colleges and universities should articulate their commitment to accessibility and focus on changing institutional culture.

The Section 508 Refresh and What It Means for Higher Education

Updated guidelines provide much-needed clarity and guidance about the accessibility standards that higher education must meet in order to be compliant.

From Accommodation to Accessibility: Creating a Culture of Inclusivity

Providing accommodations in response to individual student needs is not adequate; designing IT resources for accessibility proactively benefits all users.

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