Ellucian Advisory Services

Maximize the value of your Ellucian software with an expert Solution Advisor.

Optimize your Ellucian solutions with personalized guidance

When you work with an Ellucian Solution Advisor, you’ll get tailored support to help you operate more strategically, run your software more effectively, deploy your resources for maximum impact, and get long-term value out of your investment. Our services are available for Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, and Ellucian CRM Recruit.

Proactive, knowledgeable support service

By partnering with an Ellucian Solution Advisor, you’ll get a designated expert who provides consistent, ongoing guidance and support. Your advisor will become an extension of your team, empowering your staff and aligning your solutions to institutional goals and priorities. With an Ellucian Solution Advisor, you’ll gain:

Committed partnership

Access to a seasoned expert who understands your challenges and priorities

Tailored guidance

Customized recommendations on projects, new releases, and ways to improve and increase efficiencies

Additional resources

Assistance to empower your team and resolve daily challenges

Ellucian Advisory Services

With our advisor, I’ve seen my department’s confidence grow and our reputation throughout the institution evolve into one of accuracy and dependability. Ellucian’s guidance has gone beyond customer support and they feel more like an additional team member.

Dusty Piper, Chief Information Officer, Odessa College

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