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Human Resource software tailored to higher education.

Empower Your People
Empower your people
Give employees access to all their information—tax info, job history, benefits—on one intuitive, easy-access dashboard.
Let Data Drive
Let data drive
Gain the insight you need on your workforce to make data-driven decisions that fuel the success of your employees—and your institution.
Connect systems—connect people.
Connect systems—connect people
Create efficiencies for staff—and the institution at large—with integrated HR and SIS data.


Support and track compensation nuances for faculty, including multiple appointments or varying dates.

Provide accessible information and automated functions for HR staff and employees across the institution.

Utilize critical data to make decisions about the future of the workforce and build reports that help with compliance efforts.

Interactive budget planning tools help institutions strategize future roles, allocate salaries, and create succession plans for employees.

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