Ellucian Edge

Improve implementation efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging preconfigured solutions and proven practices in a structured framework.

Align projects for better outcomes

Designed to improve all aspects of service engagements and position your institution for success.


Proven, pre-configurations provide a head start on tailoring solutions to your business processes, delivering tangible results fast.


Edge leverages a baseline of documented and replicated business processes that have been proven to deliver business results at institutions like yours.


Implementations are broken into iterative sprints that allow for refinement and a more accurate projection of project completion.

Impactful outcomes

Business processes are continuously validated through training and testing, ensuring they deliver effective results.

Identify gaps and align with strategic plans

Ellucian consultants leverage their software and higher education expertise, then facilitate configurations and lead the customer through proven practices that optimize the power of Ellucian solutions. 


Understand the institution’s unique needs, processes, and configuration requirements relative to desired solutions.


Build applicable solution rules, validations, and controls, in alignment with the project scope, based upon the process requirements.


Transfer process-focused system education and knowledge in readiness for process simulations and testing.


Move validated process configurations to the production environment.


Strategic components that lead to success.

An activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific institutional goal, such as student registration, payroll processing, or managing accounts payable.

Solutions have pre-configured templates and proven artifacts, such as seed data, business process models, and common testing scenarios. Using preconfigured tools, processes, and data elements, consultants can focus on unique customer needs rather than the lengthy process of working from the ground up each time.

SharePoint sites developed by Ellucian provide an authoritative source of information and real-time tracking of a project. The Edge delivery framework tracks each task to be done by both Ellucian and our customers, using CCE sites to enhance communication during the course of the project.

Projects are based on small cycles of work required for each business process to be implemented. Instead of focusing on long phases of activity to support the complete solution, the focus is on individual customer business processes. These customer business processes are delivered in small, structured components of activity (called “sprints”) with specific outcomes.

Training and simulation activities occur within sprints prior to deployment. Providing training and testing on an ongoing basis allows customers to focus on that one piece while it is fresh in their minds. As the sprints are completed, final training and full-system testing are executed prior to full solution deployment. Having individual training and testing allows for greater confidence as the project comes to full-system testing.

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