Ellucian Portal

Create a common gateway to the information students, faculty, and staff use every day.


Personalize and customize content so users get the information they want—and the information you want them to see.

  • Present the right message to visitors based on their social media profile, region, and browsing history
  • Manage users’ credentials, profiles, and access rights with either the Microsoft® SharePoint portal foundation or Liferay's portal foundation for Luminis support

Enable users to do what their role requires, whether that’s posting course assignments and mid-term test results or checking account balances and grade status.

  • Offer the best in web technology with responsive design so viewers can use any device
  • Structure content and work streams so that blogs, wikis, forums, and associated processes function at peak efficiency
  • Reach as many contacts as you need with targeted alerts, announcements, emails, and calendar notices

Build both public websites and customer portals for a seamless experience.

  • Eliminate new spending on infrastructure through use of existing application servers, databases, and operating systems
  • Reduce development costs thanks to use of open standards for content, portlets, web parts, web services, and front-end technologies


Ellucian Portal easy access to all information students need

We really wanted to have, from the beginning, one core hub for students and staff to use to make it feel like they were in one system rather than several different systems.

Stephanie Hoie, Manager, CRM and Portal Technologies | University San Diego

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