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Ellucian CRM Recruit

Personalized communications that build relationships with your prospects. Powerful analytics that drive greater admissions yield. Ellucian CRM Recruit helps higher education institutions find, engage, and enroll more of the right students.

Drive results with powerful student recruitment technology

Personalize communications

Personalize communications

Reach best-fit students with the right message.

Maximize results

Maximize results

Track performance, increase yields, and deliver better outcomes for your institution.

Automate workflows

Automate workflows

Minimize your administrative work so you can focus on your applicants.

Integrate teams

Integrate teams

Share integrated student data and assign tasks across your institution.


Screenshot - CS Applicant Portal

A personalized web presence

tailors the way you connect with prospective students and presents a consistent public face.

  • Build relationships with targeted content
  • Provide prospects with the information and tools they need to enroll
  • Deliver easy-to-use admissions forms and intuitive methods for updating contact information
  • Make it easy for prospects to submit inquiries and applications, register for events, update key information, and submit supplemental items using admissions software purpose-built for higher education
Screenshot - Application

Configurable online applications

power the enrollment process with application processing tools.

  • Create an application that meets the unique needs of your institution
  • Show applicants where they are in the application process for up to three applications
  • Streamline the process of requesting and submitting recommendations  
Screenshot - Enrollment Funnel

Prospect and funnel management tools

help you deliver the right messages to the right students.

  • Support the entire admission process with robust workflows and recruitment tools built on best practices in higher education
  • Balance the need to collaborate and the need to secure data with configurable security roles that support managing access down to the field level
  • Share integrated student data across the team and assign tasks across your institution
  • Support multiple admission operations with one, comprehensive solution
Powerful marketing communications tools

Powerful marketing communications tools

help you deliver the right messages to the right students.

  • Design, create, and test email marketing campaigns
  • Maximize student recruitment efforts using automated outreach communications every step of the way
  • Track marketing email open rates and responses directly from Ellucian CRM Recruit
  • Increase marketing email deliverability with integrated whitelisting capabilities
  • Maintain a clean database with postal address verification and automated duplicate audits
Funnel reporting and analytics

Reports and analytics

give you real-time visibility into the entire admissions recruitment process, so you can focus your energy where it counts.

  • See how your institution is progressing with dashboards, prospect ratings, and out-of-the-box reports
  • Access detailed, at-a-glance reporting by recruiter, region, and campaign
  • Direct recruitment strategies based on what’s working best
Screenshot - Travel Event ROI

Events and travel management tools

improve efficiency and help you manage costs.

  • Calculate return on investment (ROI) on admissions events, campus visits, and other recruiting activities
  • Use ROI data to help determine which trips and events to repeat
  • Offer a seamless process for all recruiting and admissions professionals
Unparalleled integration with core systems

Unparalleled integration with core systems

enables access to current, accurate information.

  • Manage the effect of financial aid on recruiting with real-time integration of financial aid information
  • Access comprehensive funnel reporting and source tracking
  • Import external systems’ data including test scores, purchased names, and third-party applications
As part of the Ellucian CRM

As part of Ellucian CRM

This solution represents constituent relationship management at its best with capabilities that extend across campus to student success and advancement.

  • Break down departmental silos and create uniform workflows for a consistent experience
  • Take advantage of a best-in-class higher education solution built on a leading enterprise platform, Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • Implement a solution designed specifically for your needs that is flexible enough to keep pace with industry innovation
Ellucian CRM Recruit: A CRM for admissions management

How it works

Ellucian CRM Recruit is more than a central point of management. It’s a powerful set of student recruitment software and analytical tools that tracks performance against desired results—and builds stronger relationships with your desired students.

Streamline the recruiting cycle

Who is using Ellucian CRM Recruit?

Almost 225 institutions around the world depend on Ellucian CRM Recruit to streamline their admissions efforts and achieve their recruiting goals.

University of Toledo saw a 9 percent annual growth in applications
William Pierce, Director, Undergraduate Admission, University of Toledo