Debbie Derr - Mt Hood Community College
Mount Hood Community College

$9 million in new grants in under three years


Develop a successful grants infrastructure that wins grants

  • Received $9 million in new grants in under three years
  • Grants infrastructure now in place
  • Grants have enabled expanded funding for campus initiatives

Mt. Hood Community College partnered with Ellucian Grants Services to build an effective grants infrastructure.

Debra Derr, Former President, Mt. Hood Community College

We've only been working with Ellucian with grants for about two and a half years, but in that two and a half years, we've brought in almost $9 million that we would not otherwise have been able to utilize for primarily student success initiatives. We're seeing far more diversity in our student population, and we serve one of the poorest areas in the United States.

So the role that grants play for us is not only to bring resources to us, but it's a much bigger cultural shift for the institution that we can make things happen outside of the normal, traditional funding mechanisms. It's easy for an institution to go after grants and then not have the infrastructure to support those grants.

In order to be successful in the grant and resource development world, you have to start with governance. And Ellucian came to us and said, we will work with you to develop a grants governance process mechanism at your institution. In higher education, we have this tendency to feel that we can always do it better ourselves, that we have the expertise to do it all. And the reality is that that's not the case. With the limited resources that we have, being able to bring that expertise to the table—that is very targeted in relationship to what the needs are of your institution—is essential. And that's what I found by partnering with Ellucian. And our results show that.

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