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Perform an efficient and speedy upgrade

  • Banner 9 implementation completed faster and more efficiently
  • Transformation process included implementation of new processes and best practices
  • IT staff trained along the way

For expert assistance and an efficient ERP upgrade, Virginia Tech enlisted Ellucian Services

Debbie Fulton, Associate Vice President for Enterprise Systems, Virginia Tech

We hired Ellucian, actually, to come on-site for a week. They trained us, trained our people on how to do transformations ourselves. I will add that was a very successful experience. The feedback I got from my staff was excellent.

My name is Debbie Fulton. I'm the associate vice president for Enterprise Systems at Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech, we are a longtime Banner school. We've been on Banner for— in some cases, more than 20 years. We run several modules of Banner, HR, student, and finance. Financial aid and just various things.

Before Ellucian had officially released a lot of Banner 9, we were still starting to think about well, how do we get started? And I contacted Ellucian Services and our account manager, and started talking to them about getting some help. Because our problem was if we added up all of the hours, we didn't have extra staff sitting around that could produce all that work in a reasonable amount of time.

So they've been extremely helpful in providing tips and techniques and helping us understand really what's going on behind the scenes. I don't see how we could get that kind of expertise any other way. Certainly, we would recommend Banner 9 Services from Ellucian, because for us it's made a dramatic difference in our ability to meet our timelines and to not have to worry about our ability to do that while we kept other things working for the institution. Because things didn't stop while we decided to go with Banner 9. We have a lot of other work to do.

And so having the ability to augment our staffing and be able to predict when we were going to hit project timelines is very important. It really has enabled me to be able to assure our leadership that we can get this done in the time frame that we need, and that the institution can move forward and not be at risk. I think the services engagement has been a critical piece of that ability to deliver what we need on time.

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