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Advice for moving to the cloud

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities discusses how to get started and the benefits they’ve seen with Ellucian cloud

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  • Reduced costs
  • Provided a solid disaster recovery plan
  • Freed staff to focus on maximizing technology investments


The advice for future clients moving to the cloud is that your paradigm is going to change from a system perspective, from how you manage your databases. The access levels that you may have used in the past are not going to be available to you, so they need to prepare for that change going forward. And they also need to know that what you will be required to do is much different in the cloud.


Most of your requirements are going to be more on a business analyst, where you're going to work very closely with the student facing, functional managers, and try to maximize the amount of investment you've made in the product and try to get it to operate at its fullest potential. It's a bit of a moving from a care and maintenance functi

The best benefit we've seen is obviously the cost model is much more cost effective for us long-term. Solid in disaster recovery for our five instances, that became apparent within 24 hours of us landing in the cloud. The monitoring, the maintenance, the upgrades, the patching has all been taken care of. So now the staff are working more closely with the functional people to raise the quality and maximize the investment we've made with the product.

So for business continuity and disaster recovery, I can't speak for all of public higher ed. But for higher ed in Connecticut, it's always been a challenge to build a true DR capability, and that was one of the sweet spots that we found. Moving them to the cloud gave us more security, monitoring, and a more cost-effective solution for us to move forward.

Joe Tolisano
Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

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