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How Becker College coordinated information and workflows across campus

Becker College


  • Increased efficiencies and coordinated workflows
  • Centralized source for campus-wide forms
  • User-friendly forms, securely stored in the cloud


Becker College serves approximately 2,000 students, with campuses located in Worcester and Leicester, Massachusetts. As the institution has grown over the last few years, so has the quantity of paperwork, forms, documents, and procedures. In 2017, the institution began looking for a better way to automate tasks and increase efficiencies across its two campuses.

“We were using PDFs and Word documents to create forms for the students, staff, faculty, and adjuncts,” says Michael Kiernan, networking manager at Becker College. “The process was pretty slow and painful for everyone involved because of how broken apart that system was.”

Time required to process a new hire

Becker’s processes were cumbersome—but another problem was the lack of a single, campus-wide source for forms. “Our previous forms took a lot of time because different departments would have their own ways of creating a form,” says Kiernan.“

Perhaps more concerning, this type of process was prone to error, and increased the possibility that something might fall between the cracks. And with multiple departments creating their own forms at the same time, inconsistencies and problems were bound to arise.

The institution decided to implement Ellucian Workflow to boost efficiency and coordinate the flow of information across each campus. Additionally, Becker College was eager to implement the system because of its integration with Ellucian Colleague, the institution’s ERP.

Michael Kiernan
Networking Manager
Becker College

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