Boost graduation rates with degree planning tool
Lewis-Clark State College

Boost graduation rates with degree-planning tool


Implement a tool to help improve graduation rates

  • New system helps students stay on top of their academic progress
  • Staff and faculty can track and plan for greater program effectiveness
  • Students can easily change majors or programs to find the best path to graduation

Lewis-Clark State College helps students stay on track to graduate with Ellucian Colleague® Student Planning.

At Lewis-Clark State College, we're very interested in student success and graduation rates. We use Ellucian Colleague Student Planning to help our students realize everything that they need to do to be a successful student. Our students have come in to us when they get ready to register for their last semester and they say, “my progress is so easy to understand.”  

In student planning, the student can go out and choose the ADDIE program feature. This can be useful for students that maybe aren't going to be able to graduate under the program they are currently in, and if they want to find another program, to change their major, that is one of the neatest features that Ellucian could have added to student planning because it allows us to put some program together so that student can graduate on time or even faster than they had expected.  

When we we're setting this up, we had one of our student workers come in, chose the ADDIE program, and our student realized that she was going to be able to graduate that current semester. And she mentioned that she was going to be the very first person in her family that was going to graduate college. And Student Planning helped her do that.