Fiji National University

Building an advanced digital infrastructure


Build an advanced digital infrastructure that works for every part of the institution

  • Integrated systems from HR to finance to student services
  • Improved efficiencies by reducing manual work
  • Provided timely data to inform decision making

Fiji National University integrates information systems and improves efficiencies with Ellucian Banner

Nigel Healey, Vice Chancellor, Fiji National University

Fiji is changing very fast. The country is developing and industrializing very quickly. So, there is a very well-developed digital Fiji strategy to really use the power of technology to link Fiji to the rest of the world. We've been focused on building a very advanced digital infrastructure at the university.

The Ellucian Banner® system was a logical next step to really provide an integrated software solution that works for every part of the university from admission to enrollment to graduation.

We have three main objectives for the Ellucian system. One is to significantly improve our efficiency. Nothing connected, nothing articulated with each other. So, we had a very manual system, a lot of manual workarounds to make the university work as a whole.

The second objective is the quality of the service. The third objective is to improve the quality of our management information systems. When we have these systems online and we have timely data in real time, we will be able to make much, much better decisions based on good quality management information.

We went with Ellucian, I think, probably for three main reasons. Clearly, one of the reasons was that Banner met all our requirements. It allowed us to integrate our systems from HR through finance procurement across to all the student registry functions.

The second, obviously, was that we looked for best value. Ellucian came out very strongly as the best value for money.

And I think the third was the fact that we had confidence that with two and a half thousand universities and almost a 30-year history in the business that Ellucian could hold our hand and walk us through the installation process.

We believe that this new project, this new approach will enable the university to be more efficient, more effective, and provide better value for money for our students.

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