Building a competitive edge
University of St. Thomas

Building a competitive edge

CHALLENGE: Aligning IT strategy and gaining a competitive advantage

The University of St. Thomas sought to enhance the strategic direction of its IT department while elevating the institution’s competitive advantage. In partnership with Ellucian Managed Services, the university’s president and CFO reconfigured the IT department to achieve strategic alignment with institutional goals, and to prepare for the ever-changing landscape of higher ed. To adapt to the remote nature of student learning due to the pandemic, the IT department rapidly provisioned over 70 classrooms and labs with state-of-the-art technology.

This urgent deployment enabled the university to offer classes in person, online or a HyFlex modality which positioned the school to open for the fall semester without delay. By developing an entirely new technology strategy, the school was able to reallocate their former IT headquarters back to the university for marketing, public relations and communications services. This digital transformation expands and increases the university’s student population, far beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar campus, resulting in a virtual learning environment that welcomes students from across the world.


Ellucian Managed Services


  • Increased enrollment supported by industry standard technologies for a HyFlex modality
  • Increased customer service response rate based on student and faculty feedback and CHD ticket completion
  • Increased the University of St. Thomas’ reach beyond their traditional physical campus
  • Stronger connection with mobile capabilities enabling enhanced student enrollment and quality of life
  • Since the Ellucian Managed Services Partnership, there has been a 5x growth in project completion vs. the prior in-house organization

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