Cindy Leavitt - Temple University
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A centralized data hub for student success


Collect and use data to enable student success

  • Students expect personalized, consumer-grade technology experiences
  • Friction-free information collection and storage helps Temple gather key student metrics
  • A centralized data hub enables analytics and predictive decisions

How Temple University is investing in data analytics.

Cindy Leavitt, Chief Information Officer, Temple University

Our students are expecting their experience to be very Amazon-like. They want us to know who they are. They want a personalized experience.

We want to gather information and data from people when it's most natural for them to give it to us. And then put it in a place where we can reuse it over and over and over again in ways that are useful, that decrease administrative burden, but also help us make predictive decisions.

Right now, we are using data technology to create effectively a data hub. And we want to use that real-time, and then also for analytics and reporting and predictive analytics. We have this incredible base with Banner. Banner is used across all of our schools and colleges. It's used across all of our employees as well as our students, so that's a really strong base.

But now we need to figure out how we're going to augment with other things. How are we going to pull things in from our LMS. Not just final grades, but, “How are you doing within the classes so that if there is some chance that you're not going be successful, that we can intervene?”

An example of that is that we're working with our College of Liberal Arts, and we've created these incredible dashboards using student data, and they're using it for predictive analytics to identify students who are at risk and intervene really early. That's really satisfying, because that's when you see data making a difference for an individual student.

We can really start taking advantage of the new technology from Ellucian, particularly Ethos. Because what we have to do as a central IT is we have to support the requirements from all of our units, including our schools and colleges as our central administration units, for systems that they need, and many of those are outside of the Banner ecosystem, and I need that integration layer in order to move to that next thing.

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