Waukesha County Technical College

Cloud helps prioritize more strategic projects for IT staff


Build a case for cloud and prioritize more strategic projects for IT staff 

  • Improved systems security and continuity 
  • System upgrades and maintenance handled in the cloud  
  • IT staff can now take on digital transformations for other departments

How Waukesha County Technical College is leading a campus-wide digital transformation. 

Rodney Nobles, Chief Information Officer, Waukesha County Technical College 

You have to think about why do you want to go to the cloud. You know, it's different from person to person. It's not a cookie cutter for everyone.  

I looked at digitally where we're going for the college, where is my staff going, and where I want to go as a department. And looking at that and looking at all of the other applications and software that we had coming in, I didn't have the staff to really take care of all those activities of programming, and updating, and making sure we have disaster recovery, and make sure that everything is all secure.  

I convinced senior leadership that we needed to make sure that our Banner environment and all of the applications that goes with it is secure. And that we have disaster recovery. And we had business continuity. We have bigger and better things to do just to be an IT shop.  

My staff is not data center people. They're not security people. So, let's get the experts doing that for us. Let's put things in the cloud so that they can take care of upgrading, and patching, and all the hardware and software that goes with it, so we don't have to make those operational expenditures with that.  

We want to get away from being just that IT camp to being more of a functional IT where we can go into the business units, and we can digitally transform them, so they can do things more effectively, which also affects students, which will make them more successful quicker.