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A college transcript that tells the whole story. 


Modernize student transcripts while collecting, integrating, and interpreting data 

  • Increased student retention and engagement  
  • Enhanced and improved institutional branding  
  • Deeper insight through analytics 

Elon University uses experiential data to propel students to success.

For most students, success after graduation depends on their ability to show an employer that the knowledge and skills they learned in college make them the best fit for the job. But before they get an interview, how do graduates show a complete picture of their college experience in a one or two-page academic transcript?  

When employers review the co-curricular transcript of a recent graduate from Elon University in North Carolina, they see a digital, interactive document, called the Elon Experiences Transcript (EET) that comprises a carefully articulated, comprehensive account of the skills learned through coursework, service and global education experiences, and focused interests meticulously tracked across an integrated student information system. It gives the employer a clearer picture of what the applicant accomplished in his or her four years of college.  

“Our primary purpose is to create a student-centered culture that prepares all learners with the ability to transition directly to the workforce,” says Rodney Parks, University Registrar at Elon. “We’re not just providing the skills, but the ability for students to embrace the idea that they’re ready to take that next step and transition beyond Elon.”

The experiences transcript highlights my ability to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it.

Stephanie Ntim, Student 

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