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With degree-planning tools, students make better plans.


Create a consistent and improved advising process to help students graduate on time 

  • Established consistent advising processes
  • Self-service tools empower students
  • Issues are resolved earlier

John Brown University helps students graduate on time.

“Graduating in a timely manner has become more important to students and parents in the last 10 to 15 years,” says Becky Lambert, registrar at John Brown University (JBU). “Students can’t afford to spend more semesters in the university because they messed up on their course requirements.” 

It’s well known that early and frequent advising—using degree-planning tools and self-service systems—can positively shape a student’s university experience and time line for graduation. But inconsistencies in the process can lead to missed opportunities that delay a student’s graduation and make it harder for advisers to guide students. 

JBU implemented Ellucian Colleague® Student Planning to make its advising process stronger and more uniform, featuring web-based self-service tools that align students, advisors, and administrators to a common goal: helping students graduate on time. 

“The software plays a big role in promoting student responsibility in the advising process,” says Lambert. “It’s shifting more of the responsibility to students, and that’s where we want it to be. We want them to take ownership in their movement toward graduation while still sending them to their advisors for their expertise and guidance.”

Students can’t afford to spend more semesters in the university because they messed up on their course requirements. Colleague Student Planning will help students track their requirements more closely and graduate in a timely manner.

Becky Lambert, Registrar, John Brown University

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