Insights - Hacc banner registration
HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College

Delivering the registration experience students expect.


Streamline and improve the registration experience for students

  • System scalable for enrollment growth 
  • New system saves time and money 
  • Implementation within 90 days

Students want fast, easy, and informative registration. HACC delivers. 

Registration at any institution can be a hectic process internally. There’s a phenomenal amount of data that must be organized—and students have little patience for errors, delays, or technical problems as they assemble schedules for the new term. Institutions large and small must rely on up-to-date and flexible technology to manage the process, or risk alienating students.  

Harrisburg Area Community College, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College (HACC), is Pennsylvania’s largest and first community college. Recognizing the importance of a smooth, trouble-free registration process, HACC began looking for ways to enhance the experience for its students. 

“We heard from students repeatedly that they wanted to be able to more easily search for courses by title, faculty, and other criteria,” says Robert Messner, vice president of information technology and chief information officer at HACC. “They also wanted the ability to run ‘what-if’ scenarios to see how a selection of courses impacted their schedule and their academic progress.” 

HACC’s technology team knew that a solution offering a graphically engaging, simple user interface would appeal to its tech-savvy student body. Upgrading to the latest version of Ellucian Banner® Registration would enable for students the kind of experience they expected.  

Registration is more than an administrative process. You need to give students an integrated tool that allows them to search courses or faculty and the ability to see their schedule with visuals.

Peter Chanda, Director of Enterprise Application Services, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College