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Helping students before they even know they need help

At Chippewa Valley Technical College, proactive outreach keeps students on track.

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  • Campus-wide student data integration 
  • Improved processes for case notes and early alerts 
  • Ability to improve student success models over time


“Our students balance so much more than academics and are often too busy to seek out or access resources,” says Natalyn Marlaire, director of advising and services at Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC). “If they’re not coming to us, we’re coming to them—in person, by text, by email, through the web. And when we’re proactive, what we’re really saying is, ‘You may not know you need these resources, but you need them.’” 

“This kind of outreach only works if our student communications are streamlined and everyone involved can easily see the same data about the students we serve.”

Since 2012, Marlaire has helped lead an overhaul of CVTC’s processes for student advising. Students’ lives are more complex than ever, and they’re much more likely to persist when provided timely assistance. 

The college supports its approximately 11,000 students with proactive outreach that includes resources offered both in-person and online. To do so, the college needed a single, integrated system to handle the flow of information between departments, faculty, and staff across campus. 

“This kind of connectivity to student information, easily and quickly accessed, helps faculty, staff, and leadership see the whole student,” says Jessica Schwartz, registrar at CVTC. “Which means they can support the whole student.” 

To enable that level of engagement with its students, CVTC decided on Ellucian CRM Advise—download the case study to learn how the CRM system is helping the school meet its goals. 


According to Schwartz, faculty members are often students’ first and most trusted option for services and support—but CVTC’s culture of strong relationship-building between students and faculty can have drawbacks if not every instructor has the same information, or even the right information, to help a student.

“Faculty shouldn’t be expected to understand all the ins and outs of financial aid and registration, and the rules around, say, a student veteran dropping a class and suddenly causing an automatic loss of benefits,” says Schwartz. “But they do need to know if a conflict exists and to reach out to Student Services to assist the student.”

In the new CRM system, faculty members can submit an early alert. That triggers members of the student success team to proactively reach out to students with informed support, direction, and timely information. Faculty members can view the interventions the student success team has provided to the students through a customized faculty dashboard. Together, they can deliver the efficiency and accuracy of student services and data that are so crucial to today’s college experience.

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