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Seton Hall University improves efficiency with Ellucian Banner Employee Profile. 

Joy Hayward, Director of Human Resource Information Systems, Seton Hall University 

The more we can get employees the information directly and what's important to them, the more they'll be able to navigate and really be able to take care of things in a self-service nature. With employee profile, I think it's going to be a lot easier for individuals to find information they didn't even realize they were looking for and then start going there on a regular basis to see things like a pay stub, for example. 

Supervisors will be able to go into employee profile, see some of their own information. But they also will be able to see my team. So, they'll see their employees, their direct reports, and information about them like their leave balances, which is important when you're approving vacations and doing some planning with them. And what we're able to do by having more things in employee self-service is we can answer the questions in human resources.  

But then we're also walking them through how they can find the information. So, it's not just I'm telling you what your leave balances are, but they can say, oh, now I understand my leave balances or my pay or my benefits, et cetera. So, they are then getting that information for the future, and it puts more validity to all of it.  

Employee self-service is really letting people be able to get information directly themselves. And so, every school should look at what's out there in employee profile, in particular, to see how can I use this and leverage it to get more information to my constituency.  

Ellucian did a nice job of organizing it together based on feedback from schools where they said, we want to be able to get a pay stub and leave balances near each other. If I'm a supervisor, I want to see what I have to do as well as what I need to do for myself. So, if I have to submit my own leave report and then I have to approve my employees leave that I can do all of that in one place. 

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