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Ellucian solutions help the Victoria University of Wellington enhance the academic experience.

Victoria University of Wellington - Exceed your students' expectations


Deliver a campus technology platform that meets student expectations for service.


  • Students access campus systems on multiple devices
  • Banner enables the institution to prepare for future modernization
  • Modern technology enables efficiencies and critical process modernization


My name is Pam Thorburn. I'm director of student academic services at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The students have much higher expectations of us as an institution now, being able to access the things that they need to access, at the time that they want to access it.

Technology will continue to evolve, I think, at a really fast pace. Students, themselves, these days want to engage through so many different ways, either through a watch, or through a tablet, or through their phones, or on campus.

For us, we need to engage with those technologies thinking about that student success and that student journey that they take. As we go through that transformation, then it will give us the capability to look at our processes, to re-examine them, to think what our people capability will be to help that student on that journey of learning, and to make those efficiencies across the organization.

Ellucian has helped the institution because it has been willing to work with us in a truly partnership way. It's been an interesting journey over the years. And it's a journey that has just got better.

Pam Thorburn
Director of Student Academic Services
Victoria University of Wellington

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