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Improve processes by upgrading HR information system


  • Information is faster and easier to sort
  • Staff saves time processing payroll and timesheets
  • Easy to use interface helps staff quickly learn the system


The first time I sorted my fields by the timesheet sequence and then went ahead and reordered them and saved, it was as if there was a light over my monitor and I heard a choir in the background. I was able to do that so much quicker and so much easier than in the past. I was just so happy that day.

My name is Stephanie, and I work at Lansing Community College. So, one of my favorite features about Banner 9 for HR is on the business analyst side. So, I'm responsible for managing our rule form, such as web time entry and what we display to you in web time entry. And the form behind that has a list of earn codes. And those are earn codes that have different columns that tell you what to do with them. So, one of those columns is timesheet sequence, which tells me, put this on the timesheet in this order.

In Banner 9, the columns are sortable, and they're sortable by the column I choose. I can choose to sort by the earn code, or I can choose to sort by that timesheet sequence number. So now what took me 10 minutes takes me less than two minutes.

That time saver, the ability to sort columns, that's repeated in the consistent look and feel of Banner 9. So that impacts payroll, when they're updating our salary tables. It impacts our timekeepers, when they're updating employee time in the Banner forms instead of using web time entry for the employee for other employees. So, it makes a dramatic difference.

What I think my staff really likes about Banner 9 for HR is the usability. Some of our favorite features are that it fills the monitor so it's easier to read. It's easier to find where you're going. We love that you don't have to speak Bannerese and you can use the form names. For my timekeepers, they really like the fact that they can move their columns around and they can sort. There's a lot of benefits to moving to Banner 9.

If I had to give a piece of advice to somebody in my position considering Banner 9, I would say, why not? Get it in a test environment and start playing with it. It is more user friendly. I can tell you I'm receiving positive feedback from many of our users, but I would also tell them to communicate and work very closely with their IT staff and to test, because there are differences and you definitely want to document those differences and put some training documentation or FAQs together for your end users so that they can have a positive experience.

I'm just really excited about the direction that Ellucian is taking with Banner as a whole. I think this is a really exciting time to be in HR. And I'm really excited to see what Ellucian is developing.

Stephanie Boledovich
Human Resources Business Analyst
Lansing Community College
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