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Finding the right strategic technology partner

Why Tiffin University works with Ellucian Managed Services

Tiffin University


  • Advanced strategic technology plan
  • Increased network and system safeguards
  • Provides thought leadership and support


I like calling vendors "partners." And if I'm really going to be working with a vendor, that individual, that organization is a partner to the institution. We're in it together. And especially when it comes to something like a technology division, I felt it was very critical to have a partner.

Ellucian has the most robust, in my opinion, offering of services. They are a true partner. They regularly meet with me to make sure that I am satisfied, not only satisfied but making sure that the CIO and the team is a true partner with us, and that's really, really important. I can always reach out to them and say, this isn't working well, this is working well. And that's worked out really well.

We are so much further along from a strategic technology plan position than we could have ever done on our own.

So, not only is the talent there, not only is the skillset, the knowledge, all of that with the human resource part of it, but our networks are safer. There are more safeguards in place with our networks and our systems.

I think one of the things that sometimes we don't realize with technology is we don't know what we don't know, right? And so, it's important in having a partnership that the thought leadership is there from that partner.

That's one of the reasons you partner with an outside entity, and as Ellucian is one for us, is that they're bringing that thought leadership to us, and that's really, really important, that's a huge expectation I have.

They've been a great partner. And especially with something like technology, I feel like it's really important that we outsource that, and I think we have the right partner.

Lillian Schumacher
Tiffin University
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