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Royal University for Women improves student engagement with Ellucian PowerCampus

Royal University for Women


Implement a system that can grow with the institution and provide self-service options to students


  • Improved communication between students and staff
  • Advising processed through self-service communications
  • System adaptability ideal for long-term strategy


We are one of the leading private institutions in Bahrain. And still we are looking for enhancing our services for students. For us, self-service is the main way for communication between the academic staff and the students.   

Our students, they can do a lot through self-service—starting by online registration, starting by communication with academic staff. Our academic staff advising can be done through self-service as well, so they can monitor the progress of our students. The students, they can see their documents, see their schedules, check their attendance, check many announcements as well, online. This is all together.  

What makes self-service different? That it can be accessed not only inside the campus, but outside the campus because it's internet-based and it can be accessed through the browser. Students and staff can find accurate information on time. And there is no delay.  

So far, we have received really good feedback about self-service and the tools that we have in self-service. We try, as I said, to utilize the system to the max. What is really nice with PowerCampus is that the door is really open for improvement. So, it's not a limited system that you're just restricted to this feature and that's it. No, still you have a chance to customize, to improve. And this is really what makes this system different. 

Sami Mohamed Dagash
Royal University for Women, Bahrain
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