Giving students financial aid clarity
North Park University Chicago

Giving students the financial aid clarity they need. 


Modernize and simplify student financial aid processes

  • Students can more easily navigate the entire financial aid process
  • Financial aid requests are processed faster
  • More transparent financial aid processes

Ellucian Colleague® Self-Service Financial Aid makes applying for and accepting financial aid easier for students.

We've been a Colleague client for over 20 years. And then we went live with Self-Service for financial aid this past August the 15th. One of the challenges is trying to communicate with our students how do we meet them where they are and how do they get our messages.  

They expect to go online and find what they need very quickly, very easily, without having to do a lot of work. And I feel like the Self-Service tools, especially the financial aid module, have been that way.  

By having a tool that looks so awesome online—that is something that is in real-time, it's dynamic, it's specific to the student, to walk the student through the financial aid process without us having to answer any questions, and then be able to maneuver through it—is invaluable because it's on their terms. But it's the information we wish we could shove into their hands. And now we can integrate a web-based tool.  

So, our mission statement as an institution is we prepare students for lives of significance and service. And I feel like this tool really helps us prepare our students because it's a lot of good information that they need to keep track of, such as where am I in the financial aid process, where am I with satisfactory academic progress in terms of being able to keep my financial aid from year to year, what is my student loan debt number.  

So, we're preparing them to take ownership of their financial situation. And eventually, that will help them in the future when they're having to repay those student loans.  

The other piece is just if we can be more efficient and effective in our office and make sure that the information they're seeing is correct all the time. It is processed quickly. By making a student's experience great from the get go, it helps with recruitment, it helps with retention, and it helps serve our kids while they're on our campus.  

Ellucian keeps developing products for us that our students need. The fact that there are quarterly releases for all the Self-Service modules is amazing. You're keeping up with us, you're hearing what we're saying, you're hearing what our students need. And you're giving us what we need. And that is just absolutely phenomenal.  

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