Help students make smart plan
University of San Diego

Help students make a smart plan for the next four years.


Implement a degree-planning tool that enables students to search and register for courses and plan ahead all in one system

  • Students and advisors are more empowered and more informed with Ellucian Degree Works
  • Students can easily track their progress toward a degree, or change the path if needed
  • The new system makes life easier for students, the registrar, faculty, and advisors

The University of San Diego empowers students and improves advising with Ellucian Degree Works™.

Chris Rapp, Banner Architecture Manager, University of San Diego 

My name is Chris Rapp, manager of Ellucian Banner® Student Academic Services, and this is the University of San Diego.  

We just went through a process of looking for a replacement for our existing degree audit system. We chose Ellucian Degree Works as the product that would best suit us.  

One of the things that we're looking forward to is being able to take the planner, convert that to a schedule, and have it seamlessly go into Ellucian Banner Registration. So that the students don't have to do anything in two different systems. It's one process to do, going from a catalog course, to a schedule, to a registration.  
Degree Works takes it to the next level and will assist the students and the advisors in planning out students’ careers for the next four years. The audit is easy to read. We were restricted in course attributes to a one-character field because that's what the pilot audit system had a limit for. Now we'll be able to use the complete length of the field to match what's going on in Degree Works, and it will give us much better flexibility.  
Partnering with Ellucian has really helped the University of San Diego continue to make improvements to our Banner Student System, to support, and provide the best service possible for our registrar, our students, our faculty, and staff. And it's been a very good relationship.