Helping staff reach full potential
Idaho State University

Helping staff reach their full potential


Unify and simplify staff recruitment and retention processes

  • Recruitment and retention systems now unified across campus
  • Staff training is now more timely and targeted
  • Reporting enables improved strategy and decision-making

Idaho State University attracts and retains top talent using Ellucian Talent Management Suite.

Ray Ludwig, Associate Director of Human Resources, Idaho State University 

From an HR standpoint, the reason why we purchased the talent management suite is to tie together the processes of recruiting and retaining our current employees. Management is receiving information in a more timely fashion. We are able to make better decisions based on that information that comes in faster, track our employees, do appropriate reporting to state and federal government.  

Employees have better information available to them. They receive more timely training based on possible performance issues, and also to further develop their own skills and be successful.